Important Statement from Bishop Dennis Page
September 23, 2021

As you probably know, there were certain state events during the month of September that the ENC State Council and I decided to postpone due to the resurgence of COVID cases and deaths in our region. We have continued to monitor the situation on a regular basis. Because of the fact that many leaders and laity have tested positive or have been exposed in recent days, we have decided to continue with our decision to postpone the events that would be a greater risk for the spread of this highly contagious variant for the months of October and November. We believe that this is the best decision for the well being and safety of those who would normally participate in state events. These events are attended by people that come from all across the state of Eastern North Carolina and it can be very difficult to manage and control a safe environment. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take these precautions. While we make decisions for the state, it is the responsibility of the pastor and leadership of each local church to make wise and necessary decision on how to lead and navigate through these challenging times. I encourage all of you to use wisdom as you move forward with your local church services and activities. I urge you to meet with your leadership team and develop a strategy or plan as it relates to the safety and health of your congregation. Also, I want to take this time to ask everyone to pray for those who are currently sick with COVID and/or have loss a loved one to this dreadful virus. I realize that there will be many different opinions on how we should navigate through this pandemic, but please keep in mind, that everyone is impacted differently! Therefore, respect and grace should be practiced toward everyone. This is certainly a time to unite in prayer, seek for wisdom, and to trust in our faithful God. We pray that our churches will lead the way in providing guidance and support while sharing God’s love to their community. We are praying for all our pastors, evangelist and leadership to have an inner strength in the Holy Spirit and to stay strong while navigating through this tough time. “They committed themselves to the teaching of the apostles, the life together, the common meal, and the prayers. Everyone around was in awe – all those wonders and signs done through the apostles! And all believers lived in a wonderful harmony, holding everything in common. They sold whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each person’s need was met.” Act 2:42-45

Bishop Dennis Page Administrative Bishop – ENC