Update From General Overseer on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease)

(March 11, 2020)

Cleveland, TN: The General Overseer of the Church of God, Dr. Tim Hill, issued the following statement on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic:

“As we hear more and more news reports, I wanted to once again reach out to our church

family and let you know that we are continuously monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Since the World Health Organization has today classified the outbreak as pandemic, church leadership has been considering the impact of the virus on our church family, particularly in regards to large church events and upcoming church services.

In addition to large church events, our churches will be holding their regularly scheduled services this weekend and I am encouraging each local church to take precautions to prevent the possible spread of this disease. The Center for Disease Control has issued some very specific guidelines and suggestions about precautions to keep people healthy. Those guidelines can be found by clicking or tapping HERE.

Towards that end, the Executive Committee is in almost continuous discussion as new information is received and we will act quickly if the situation merits such.

While we need to take every precaution to protect our church attenders, our employees, and ourselves, I do not believe that we have to live in fear. As a matter of fact, the Scriptures teach us that we are not to have a spirit of fear. So, once again, I ask that you join me in prayer for our nation and our world that God would bring healing. I also pray that our church family will be a lighthouse and refuge to those families who are suffering from the impact of the virus.

May God bless you in the fulfillment of your ministry.”