There has been discussion on how each local church should report church attendance in this “new way” of online church. Here is our suggestion:

  1. Online Services – These are services that are LIVE, you can track the analytics using the platform analytics. Keep in mind this number is not simply the number of views, on Facebook three seconds counts as a view. Please go to the Page analytics to get a better grasp on your online viewer numbers. Here is a great article on how to locate this information on your Facebook Page,Youtube. If you are posting to a personal Facebook Profile, there are no analytics to locate so consider creating a Church Facebook Page to stream live. This weekly average should be placed in the box, “Sunday Morning or Primary Worship Service Average Weekly Attendance.”
  2. Outreach Ministry – This is zoom calls, food delivery, or any other connection point outside of the local church. This weekly average should be placed in the box, “Discipleship/Evangelism Off Campus..”
  3. On Campus – These numbers are our traditional way of counting. If you have people coming on campus to assist with streaming or in small groups (within the State restrictions) or through “Drive-In” or parking-lot ministry, count them as On Campus. This weekly average should be placed in the box, Discipleship/Evangelism On Campus…”
  4. Please write in the “Remarks” Box any ministry activities that you are doing in addition to the three items mentioned above.

Simply put, there is no way to truly track every person touched by your LIVE services, however this is also not the time to be “evangelistic” with our numbers as well. Find the average and contact our office for any questions.