Youth and Discipleship ministries is on the forefront of what the church is doing to reach this generation for Christ.


The statistics are exciting, disturbing, and challenging all at the same time. They tell us that between 90% and 95% of the people who come to Christ do so before they are 25 years of age. Youth and Discipleship ministries is on the forefront of what the church is doing to reach this generation for Christ. We are serious and strategic in evangelizing and discipling students.


Our Mission

Eastern North Carolina Youth and Discipleship seeks to:
Provide quality training and resourcing to local student ministry leaders (full-time, part-time, and volunteer) better equipping them for service in the greatest and most exciting mission field of our day, ENC’s vibrant student culture.
To establish a strong support network among ENC’s student ministry leaders. Providing prayer support, peer mentoring, and authentic friendships.
Provide relevant, regional and state-wide, ministry opportunities for students to encounter the presence of God through worship, teaching/preaching, involvement in ministry, development of God given talents, and genuine fellowship.

We seek to accomplish this through:

Annual eXhilarate Training Conference, Online Youth Ministry Training, Training opportunities at camp meetings and prayer conferences, Summer Youth Camps, Fall Student Discipleship Summit, Teen and Junior Talent, Y.W.E.A., Summer Camp Meeting Youth Night, Winterfest (Smoky – Knoxville, TN / Sonfest – Orlando, FL), Regional Coffee & Conversation Gatherings, Annual PK Retreat, and Participation in NYLA (National Youth Leaders Association) and CLA (Children’s Leaders Association).

Our Partners

ENCYD is part of the Church of God with international headquarters in Cleveland, TN. We are a department of the Eastern North Carolina State Office in Kenly, NC. Following are a few of our primary partners.

YD FINISH Commitment

ENCYD is committed to find students who have yet to meet Jesus and introduce them to him.

ENCYD is committed to pray for students who have as of yet have not meet Jesus, for student followers of Jesus, and for student ministry leaders.

ENCYD is committed to building networks of students and student ministry leaders to further the purpose of God in this generation.

ENCYD is committed to wisely invest its resources into ministry that produces fruit in the lives of students and student minitry leaders.

ENCYD is committed to raise up, train, equip, resource and send a new generation of disciples into the harvest.

ENCYD is committed to reach, and gather in the ripe harvest that is this generation.